Lime Avocado Coconut Ice Cream

Lime Avocado Coconut Ice Cream

Summer is almost over and we hadn’t made this one time! I’d forgotten how good it is…amazing! My sis-in-law missed out the first night and when she started eating it immediately txted to find out what was in it.

For sure the best dairy free home made ice cream recipe in our arsenal. (Very few store-bought dairy free ice cream even come close and that is mostly because I don’t have to make it, but…if I can get my husband and kids to make it…and clean up the mess…this is tops.)

It is so good it rates well against regular ice cream, so you can even serve this to your dairy friends and come away with rave reviews.

One pointer: there isn’t anything in here to keep it soft in the deep freeze, so it is best to eat it fresh. If you have any left over (you might not) you can freeze it in a microwave safe container and radiate it for like a 44 seconds until you can scoop some out.

I would add a better picture, but we ate it all!  Oh well…we’ll have to make it again.