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Indian Butter Chicken Curry w/Chickpeas

Indian Butter Chicken Curry w/Chickpeas

My sister-in-law in Alabama introduced my mom to these (Indian Essentials butter chicken seasoning mix) spice packets that she buys at Walmart and my mom has been making them for us back here in Utah. If you follow the package directions, it’s too spicy for the adults and way too spicy for the kids. If you follow my mom’s directions instead you have a quick and delicious meal that’s also easy to make.

My mom’s recipe makes quite a bit (enough to feed 6-8 adults,) and it’s even better the next day. You can always use 1/2 the packet and 1/2 the recipe if that’s more what you want. It’s good with all chickpeas and if you substitute coconut cream for regular cream it’s vegan. You can use all chicken or mix the two.

I like to add a vegetable instead of eating it on rice, so I eat it over cauliflower rice or shredded cabbage (red or green) salted and cooked in a bit of olive oil. The rest of my family eats it over white or brown basmati rice.

It’s always good with various chutnies and/or raita and nan. I like papadam because they are made with lentil flour.