If I had a Restaurant…

“This would be on the menu.” That is what we say, at our house, whenever someone makes something especially good. I don’t really want to run an eating establishment (other than the one I already run…) but if I did, I’d write out a menu every week, making the most of what was available, especially in-season and local.

For now, I’ll write a menu out for my family, with some Paleo tweaks for me, and post them to this site, along with recipes we love and some that are my own invention.  Even if I don’t follow it exactly, a menu goes a long way in helping me get organized and feeding my family the healthiest I can.  My goal is to take a realistic, whole foods approach and make delicious meals using as much in-season, organic (especially where I think it counts most), and local sources as I can fit into my life and budget.

We have three people, including me, who do better if we don’t eat much dairy and I feel a lot better when I keep my grain consumption, especially wheat, pretty low.  Because of this I often eat “Paleo”, even though I wouldn’t self-describe myself as a Paleo person.  I’ve done a Whole30, which was eye-opening, if not 100% perfect.  I love to eat vegetables and try to incorporate as many of them into my diet as possible.  I invite all of you, whether you are Paleo, doing a Whole30, Dairy Free, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, or just someone who wants to try a new recipe or two, to come along with me on this food journey where we plan, live and eat one week at a time.