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September week 4

September week 4

Monday salsa couscous chicken, cauliflower rice, brown rice, fruit and veggies Tuesday johnny appleseed burgers, cabbage slaw, oven fries Wednesday chicken dijon soup, barley and corn biscuits with my mamma’s homemade blackcurrant jam Thursday farmer’s market food truck Friday pizza for kids, thai food for […]

October Week 1

October Week 1

Monday asian chopped salad from Costco (I added rotisserie chicken and some extra romain lettuce), baked squash with butter and salt, brown rice with canned coconut milk and honey for dessert Tuesday bacon, cherry tomato, and blistered green beans with cream sauce over pasta, broiled caesar […]

March Week 2

Breakfast My Breakfast: Eggs and smoothie Eggs with bean and corn salad, Smoothie with mango, banana, almond milk, whey powder,ice and spinach Eggs with sauteed cabbage Leftover Frittata, smoothie after workout Leftover Frittata, smoothie after workout Eggs and a banana, smoothie after workout Eggs, coconut milk, […]

March Week 1

Breakfast Breakfast tacos with eggs, cheese, ham, avocado, peppers, and corn tortillas “Carrot Cake” muffins Breakfast Cookies Peanut butter toast, strawberry and yogurt smoothie   Lunch Rotisserie chicken or honey ham sandwiches. Ham and cheese biscuits? Ham rolls carrot sticks, sugar snap peas Oranges, bananas, […]

4th week of February

We had a little family meeting over our rice pudding breakfast (I had eggs and an orange) this morning.  I asked my sweet children for input on what they would like to see on the menu for the week. At first the ideas were slow […]

If I had a Restaurant…

“This would be on the menu.” That is what we say, at our house, whenever someone makes something especially good. I don’t really want to run an eating establishment (other than the one I already run…) but if I did, I’d write out a menu […]