Brasas Street Tacos

Brasas Street Tacos

Sometimes you just need an easy, inexpensive place to go out.  For those times, and anytime you want delicious, authentic grilled Mexican food, there is Brasas.  You can’t go wrong with their tacos, which are only $2.04 each!  (Hard to find a meal this tasty for six bucks.)

Get them on corn tortillas and they are gluten-free!  If you’re off grains, dump the fixings on to a bed of greens (either get take-out or, once, I actually snuck a bowl of spinach in with me.)  Note: they have happy hour from 4-5pm on weekdays, when four kinds of tacos are half price.  If you time it right, you can get a screaming deal, making it the best take out dinner in town.

Put them over the top by loading up on roasted green chilies, caramelized onions, lime, turnips, and five fresh salsas at the bar!  There are plenty of tables to spread out and talk.  It is a fun, cheap date.

We highly recommend:

  • The street tacos – three is about right for an average adult, adjust up or down to your appetite.  All the meats (Carne Asada, Carnitas, Chorizo sausage, etc.) are super-delish, but Al Pastor (spiced pork with grilled pineapple, see picture above) is the fav.
  • The Mulita is also really good.  Kind of like a thick quesadilla, with lots of yummy meat and melted cheese.  It is a little bigger than two tacos.

One note: there are two locations.  One is where Hire’s used to be, tucked in the parking lot by Movies 8. The other is south of Center St downtown.  The biggest noticeable difference is downtown is outdoor seating and Uni Pkwy is mostly indoors.  We usually hit whichever one is closest.  They also have a food truck and cater parties.