April Week 3


Kids Breakfast

Eggs and toast

Peanut butter banana toast

Pan granola and yogurt parfaits

buttermilk pancakes


double chocolate zucchini muffins

My Breakfast

Eggs with smoothies after workout.

I have been in the mood for Thai omelet’s this week.  I heat up my 12 inch cast iron fry pan and throw in a bit of coconut oil, then whip up 3 eggs and pour them into the hot skillet.  Pop any bubbles and add salt and pepper.  Adding 1 tsp. of fish sauce before cooking is a yummy way to change it up. I eat them with hot sauce and usually some kind of leftover vegetable or  I cook my vegetable of choice in the pan first and then take it out while I cook the omelet. On Saturday  I had more time so I cooked up some chopped sweet onion and the stems of red chard I had left from a different recipe. It was worth the little extra effort.


Kids Lunch

Grilled cheese

Chilly Gilly (leftover)

Magleby’s Fresh (leftovers)

Ham and cheese sandwich

Tacos (twice)

Leftover pizza

Lots of bananas, oranges, and baby carrots to go along with their lunch

My Lunch (also Spencer when he is home)

Sausage, cabbage and shredded carrot stir fry

Beef Chili with fresh summer squash, banana

Southwest Pork Roast with red peppers and avocado, on a bed of arugula and baby spinach, dressing made from: onions and pan juices, homemade mayonnaise, cider vinegar, sea salt.

Sweet red peppers stuffed with beef chili, sliced avocado, pan fried shredded sweet potato

Grilled chicken thighs, cubed, and mixed with sriracha mayonnaise, with chopped olives, artichoke hearts, and avocado, on a bed of baby spinach lightly dressed with a simple cider-vinegar and olive oil vinaigrette (I definitely want to make this again, it was super yum!)

Beef Chili (leftover) with baked sweet potato and avocado

Chickpea patties (I made extra mix on Friday and cooked some up fresh), with avocado and sauteed leeks leftover from Communal


Southwest Pork Roast, shredded carrots, baby spinach, fresh pineapple, dressing made from: onions and pan juices, homemade mayonnaise, cider vinegar, sea salt.

Chilly Gilly (home canned tomatoes, onion, ground beef, salt, chili powder, Worcestershire sauce to taste) made with organic whole wheat spaghetti for the kids and zoodles for me.

Tamale Pie for the kids (I added a can of black beans and 1 1/2 C shredded colby jack cheese to 4 1/2 C beef chili which I made a BIG BATCH of, put it in a 10 inch pie pan, topped it with leftover corn muffins sliced in thirds, added 2/3 C more cheese and baked at 400 for about 25 minutes) Sweet red peppers stuffed with 1 1/2 C beef chili for me

Magleby’s Fresh-We went out to dinner with Spencer’s parents

Grilled Chicken Thighs, coconut curry from costco, cauliflower rice, fresh pineapple, baby carrots

Chickpea patties on top of pan fried portobello mushroom caps with caramelized onion and basil mayonnaise, baked sweet and regular potatoes

Communal Restaurant (I want to remember the Tilapia with golden raisin pesto, the steak with chimichurri and pickled red onions, also the leek and ricotta flatbread) –pizza for the kids