April Week 2


My  Breakfast

Eggs, after workout smoothie with oranges, frozen berries, carrotts, spinach, protien powder, almond coconut milk, ice

Eggs and sweet potato pan fried in olive oil, after workout -banana and almond butter

eggs, banana with almond butter, glass of unsweetened almond coconut milk

Eggs with green beans (leftover), after workout smoothie with oranges, frozen berries, spinach, protein powder and unsweetened almond coconut milk

Eggs, after workout smoothie with oranges, avocado, unsweetened coconut-almond milk, protein powder, ice

Thai omelet, smoothie with avocado, oranges, unsweetened almond coconut milk, protein powder, ice

Thai omelet with pan fried sweet potato and bear flag sauce, banana

Kids Breakfast

Pan granola with walnuts, greek gods honey yogurt, frozen berries

greek gods honey yogurt, toast

Cold Cereal (left over from spring break)

Egg in the Hole

Bannana Walnut Muffins

Peanut Butter Toast and bannana


Kids lunch

The older girls had school lunch except Friday when one of them packed a turkey sandwich, fruit and fishy crackers (leftover from spring break) for a field trip.

ham rolls, carrot sticks, fruit, cereal

pbj, carrots, applesauce

grilled cheese

ham or turkey and cheese oven toasties with mustard and homemade mayonnaise

Tasty Bite Lentil packs from Costco with Corn chips, grated cheese, avocado, etc.

Applesauce (unsweetened homemade), oranges, bannanas, carrot sticks, sweet mini peppers as sides

My Lunch

Tamales and Nachos (white corn chips baked with shredded Tillamook Colby Jack)

Butternut bisque along with asparagus wrapped in sliced ham

Fajita Salad-YUM

Chorizo Salad made from the taco filling of 3 street tacos along with some extra chilli and onions

Brazillian Shrimp stew (leftover) over Cauliflower rice, roasted broccolli rabe, cara cara orange with a handful of raw pecans

Mediterranean salad from Aubergine with lots of vegetable based toppings and no grains, Tahini dressing

Steak salad with avocado, sweet mini peppers, carrots, mayo-mustard dressing


Italian sasauges, thickly sliced portobellos cooked in olive oil, roasted asparagus

Chilli Gilly with julienne zuchinni noodles

Lazy night.  The kids had pizza and I had leftover Fajita Salad and 1/2 a roasted Sweet potato.  My husband had some of both

brazillian Shrimp Stew, roasted green beans, brown rice

Marinated Chuck Steak on the grill, pan roasted brussels sprouts, baked russet and sweet potato

Assorted Fresh Sausages from Sprouts Market, cabbage, portobello mushrooms, baby carrots

Thai Take-out (thom ka gai, yellow and panang curry, pad thai for the kids) with homemade cauliflower rice