nourishing a happy, healthy life



We’re Heather and Spencer Cook…

A wife and husband team who love:

  • Kids–We have six of our own with a large extended family.
  • Food–We seek out delicious and nourishing food to feed us and our crew at least three times a day.
  • Fun–We squeeze in as much as we can between all the craziness. Some family and couple activities we’re getting pretty good at after 17 years:
    • Travel: with and without kids.
    • Books: reading paper books, on the kindle, and audio books.
    • Outdoors: hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, with and without kids.
    • Entertaining: we love to feed a crowd.
    • Traditions: a powerful tool for creating great family memories together.
    • Birthdays & Holidays: with maximum fun and minimal work.
    • Clothes: keeping our family of eight in ’em and looking good.
    • Budget: doing all of the above and more on a reasonable budget.

Whatever brought you here, we hope you find something that makes your life better!