4th week of February

We had a little family meeting over our rice pudding breakfast (I had eggs and an orange) this morning.  I asked my sweet children for input on what they would like to see on the menu for the week. At first the ideas were slow to come, but then they got pretty into it.  Unfortunately, I could only use one of their breakfast ideas because most of them were dessert disguised as breakfast.  (We have no “special occasions” for an excuse, this week.)  I’m continuing with my goal of varying the grains, so here goes.


My Breakfast

I eat eggs in some form almost every morning.  I like to add leftover vegetables if I have them or if I have time I chop something up and cook it with the eggs.

After I workout I often have some form of a green smoothie with unflavored, unsweetened whey protein powder, and lots of yummy fruit.

Kids Breakfast

Bacon with eggs, pan fried potatoes and sweet potatoes

Leftover polenta- pan fried

Whole grain waffles

Smoothie and Toast

Oatmeal with fresh fruit on the side

Pan fried oatmeal with coconut milk and fruit on the side


My Lunch

Kids Lunch

Lunch is an ongoing negotiation at our house.  Below is a list which includes things my little sweeties requested.  We will see what they actually get.

Turkey, roast beef, and black forest ham lunch meat (probably not the ham this week)

Bread with no seeds (the kind I usually buy has seeds on the crust).  If I get ambitious I will make some bread out of the organic flour I bought from Central Milling.

Quesadillas- not unless they want to use corn tortillas for them.

Empanadas- my idea, I’m going to fill them with a yummy mix of meat and veggies, if I actually make them that is.

BLT’s-might not happen, although I am going to have bacon for a breakfast, so we will see.

Leftovers-if available, always a good option for the ambitious lunch packer.


This part was added in by my daughter.  It’s always good to dream… Actually, all but the chocolate is totally doable.

Nuts and Chocolate

Turkey rolls with cheese



I take over the decision making at dinner. I like to have a meatless night, a fish night, sometimes a big batch cooking day, an easy peasy night or two, and then I switch it up from there depending on what I have and what sounds good.

Salsa Chicken with broccoli and home canned fruit salad.

Tacos- seasoned ground beef with corn tortillas.

Coconut Curry with Rotisserie Chicken, brown rice, and cauliflower rice

Spaghetti pie with Spaghetti squash- BIG BATCH COOKING

Lentils with Balsamic Vinegar and Goat Cheese

Lemon Salmon with Browned Butter and Balsamic Asparagus, Caper Tartar Sauce, and a simple salad with radish and arugula.

Spinach salad with mayo/mustard dressing and leftover pork, polenta, a banana, and orange, pecans


Same as everyone else



Two eggs, leftover balsamic asparagus

Green smoothie


Lemon Salmon on spinach and arugula with cold roasted carrotes and asparagus and lemon caper dressing


Salsa Chicken on Cauilflower Rice



Two eggs and an orange. Green Smoothie after workout.


The makings of Spaghetti pie with Spaghetti squash and cooked carrots, leaks, and celery, and some pear


Tacos with mini peppers as the shell


Piece of chocolate and pecans


Two Eggs and Cauliflower Rice


½ a bowl of the makings of Spaghetti pie with Spaghetti squash and cooked carrots, leaks, and celery. And then a ½ salad of Lemon Salmon, mixed greens, and lemon caper dressing.


Piece of chocolate and pecans


African Chicken Stew



Two Eggs and a banana, After workout bowl of African Chicken Stew


Muffin size pastry crust baked with beef empanada filling. Another bowl of African chicken stew and an orange.


Piece of chocolate and pecans


Spaghetti Pie (later I had some yummy treats at book club)



Two eggs and with some fresh cooked cabbage, Smoothie after workout