Month: April 2015

April Week 3

Breakfast Kids Breakfast Eggs and toast Peanut butter banana toast Pan granola and yogurt parfaits buttermilk pancakes waffles double chocolate zucchini muffins My Breakfast Eggs with smoothies after workout. I have been in the mood for Thai omelet’s this week.  I heat up my 12…

April Week 2

Breakfast My  Breakfast Eggs, after workout smoothie with oranges, frozen berries, carrotts, spinach, protien powder, almond coconut milk, ice Eggs and sweet potato pan fried in olive oil, after workout -banana and almond butter eggs, banana with almond butter, glass of unsweetened almond coconut milk…

Fresh Berry Easter Egg Cake

Fresh Berry Easter Egg Cake

A few summers ago we were lucky enough to have our friends the Auernigs’ with us for the fourth of July at the beach. It was such a memorable fourth and that was partly because of the Flag version of this cake that Anne showed me how to make.

I volunteered to make a favorite frosting to share at a get-together last night, and the whipped cream, cream cheese frosting with fresh berries combination from the flag cake came to mind. Since Easter is coming right up I went a step further than just frosting and made a simple egg shaped cake. It all came together so easily, I though I would share in case your’e looking for a special Easter treat.

To make the cake:

Heat oven to 350 degrees.
1 white cake mix (water, egg whites, oil)–Ingredients may vary depending on which mix you are using.
Prepare a half-sheet pan by buttering it generously and lining with parchment. Follow package directions and mix batter. Pour into prepared pan and bake until just barely brown and a toothpick comes cleanly out of the center. Let cool. Make an egg shaped template on a piece of paper. (You can search for egg images on the computer and print one in the size you want, or just freehand it.) Use the template to make two identical egg shapes. Cut away the excess cake and use for something else.


1 8 oz. package cream cheese at room temperature
2 C plus 1/4 C cream
6 T powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
food coloring if desired
Whip the room temperature cream cheese, and 1/4 C cream in the bowl of a mixer until light and fluffly, about 3 minutes. Scrape out mixture into a large mixing bowl. Add the cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla to the mixing bowl and whip until stiff. Add the cream cheese mixture back in as well as food coloring if using and mix until just blended.

To Assemble:

Carefully invert one of the cake layers onto your serving platter and peel off parchment. Frost the top of the bottom layer. Add the top layer, peel off parchment, and frost the whole cake. Add fresh berries in whatever pattern looks good to you. I like as many berries as possible, but you could serve more berries on the side if you want a more sparse look.


Fresh Berries (I used raspberries and blueberries)