Salmon Cakes

Awhile back I read an interesting book written by Deborah Madison titled: What We Eat When We Eat Alone.  In it, she interviews people about what they eat when they cook for themselves.  Salmon cakes, similar to these, were one woman’s answer.  I was intrigued by the idea even though I’d never cooked with canned salmon.  I’m always looking for ways to add more fish to my diet and I liked the idea of being able to pull a can out of my pantry whenever I feel like whipping some of these up.  I bought some at Costco and tried it out even though I was a bit scared of it for some reason.  I came up with my own breadcrumb free version of them.  I vary the vegetables and the fresh herbs and use whatever type of onions I have on hand. I always put the lemon zest in because I really like the flavor with the salmon.

If I have the ingredients on hand, I like to mix up some lemon caper tartar sauce to go on these.  Yum.