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Ancho Chili Chocolate Pecan Pie

This is our go-to pie.  No.  It isn’t sugar-free or dairy-free or wheat-free, but we still eat it guilt-free once a year and it is pretty much the only pie we crave.  The ancho chili brings out the flavor of the chocolate, kind of like a mole sauce. It’s not hot-spicy. My kids love it. We ran across a version of this  ...

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Moroccan Style Salsa Chicken

This recipe is an old favorite that our friend Catherine shared with us years ago. It’s a great way to use up leftover salsas that are lingering in your fridge–mixing different types is fine. In the picture it’s served over quinoa. In the past we’ve served it over both couscous and rice. Last night I had it over  ...

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Bacon, Tomato, and Mayo

This was so simple and good. I really miss BLT’s since I stopped eating much bread. I’ve used a lettuce leaf as the bread in the past, but today I just sliced some yummy tomatoes from the garden, sprinkled on salt and pepper, dabbed a bit of mayonnaise and then placed a piece or two of bacon on each slice. You could dress them up a  ...

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Fresh Berry Easter Egg Cake

A few summers ago we were lucky enough to have our friends the Auernigs’ with us for the fourth of July at the beach. It was such a memorable fourth and that was partly because of the Flag version of this cake that Anne showed me how to make. I volunteered to make a favorite frosting to share at a get-together last night, and the whipped  ...

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Butternut Bisque

My family and I really love Butternut Bisque made with full-fat coconut milk. When squash is in season, I make it every other week or so. It’s nourishing and bright and fairly easy to make. If I’m out of full-fat coconut milk, I will use the light version, but it isn’t as delicious. I love the way my high-power blender makes  ...

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Rustic Beef Pot Pie

Usually  I miss Pi day altogether and just read about all the fun things other people have done.  This year I was determined to do something and had planned beef pot pie with our favorite Ancho Chili Fudge Pie for dessert. I was pretty tired from an amazingly busy Saturday and the kids had already participated in a pie eating contest, so I  ...

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Dinner, Entree, Meat, Recipes

Cocoa Rubbed Pork Roast

Last summer we were at our family cabin and had invited friends up for dinner and a hike.  I planned to make pork roast(s) for everyone. The only problem was,  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to cook them.  Spice box to the rescue! While packing I had also thrown in a bag of double dutch cocoa powder, so I rubbed those babies up, my hubby  ...

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